Comparatively, the septic system demands constant maintenance and attention compared to sewer lines. Although, it also offers several benefits, including energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, durability, and are environmentally friendly.

The frequency of the system’s pumping varies for every household. The general rule is to pump the septic tank once every three to five years.

Slow drainage is a sign of blockage. If it is not treated immediately, you can end up with sewage backup. In most cases, drain cleaning is an effective way out. Hardly, we have to deal with breakage or severe damage.

It indicates the presence of gases within the septic tank. If you notice nasty odors, contact the expert immediately as a well-maintained septic tank should never smell.

Yes, we are competent and experienced in installing septic tanks and sewage systems for residential and commercial property.

If you think there is something off with your drainage system, then give us a call or leave a message on our website. Our customer support will schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

Yes, all our workers have a decade of experience, licensed issue by state, and a transparent background. With A-1 Plumbing & Repair, you are always in good hands.

The price varies from household to household. There are many significant factors to consider, like the size of the tank and the number of residents. Therefore, we offer a free quote before the service to get one dial (404) 552-0079!

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